Article sections

    STEP 1 – Collect Your Details
    Once you have chosen your website plan and payment has been made, a member of our team will contact you via email.

    The email will contain the following questions:

    -Business information: name, address, contact information and areas covered to allow potential customers to find your website easily on search engines and Google Maps.
    -Business description: about your business, what you specialise in, what makes you different from your competitors.
    -Services: list of services you offer, price list, amenities and attributes to help with the search-engine optimisation process. If you have any testimonials or reviews about your services.

    Additional info such as imagery and social media accounts will help us create a more specific, bespoke website to attract potential customers.


    STEP 2 – Build Your Website
    The next stage is to build your website using the details gathered in Stage 1 including the listings for the business (Facebook Business Page & Google My Business).

    Once the website and listings have been created, links to the work in progress website will be sent via email to make sure things are progressing in the right direction.

    This gives you a chance to send feedback regarding the website and listings.


    STEP 3 – Verification
    We need to verify both Facebook and Google My Business pages.

    You will receive an email with details on how to verify the following accounts:

    Facebook Business page: if the account was created by us, make sure that you claim the page using the links given in the email or alternatively give us admin access if you already had an account before signing with Revolution.

    Google My Business page: if the account was created by us, you will need to verify it to appear on Google Maps.

    The verification code can be sent in a number of different ways (via text, phone call or postcard) – please let us know which is the best method for you.

    Once you receive the verification code, send it to us by email at


    STEP 4 – Ready To Launch
    Once any necessary changes to the website build have been made and you are 100% happy with everything, the website will go live.

    You will receive an email notifying that the website has launched. If any last minute changes are requires, please contact us.

    The website will be submitted to all major search engines, however it can take up to 2-4 weeks before the website is indexed, so please be patient.